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AMDs Disposable Suctions

Our AMDs combine all the integral features of the most popular surgical suction devices like kerrisons and disposable suctions into one affordable and dependable product.
    The AMDs are available in three lengths and four diameters.
  • The round tip with soft smooth edges for minimal trauma during use
  • The flap tip for retraction combined with disposable suctions

Disposable Suctions Tips
Color coordinated for ease of selection, each tip style is available in a variety of lengths from 90 to 140 mm, and diameters from 3 to 15 FR (French).

AMDs provide surgeons with uncommon flexibility, control and visibility for optimal results in a sterile, single-use device.
Disposable Suctions Measurements

OMT Medical provides disposable suctions and kerrisons at the best price.
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