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Pocket Patties
Pocket feature allows for the placement of suctions, silicon brain spatulas, retractor blades or forceps into pocket for tissue protection and gentle retraction.
Thin rayon material is extremely pliable and absorbable.
OMT Neuro Pocket Patties offer exceptional pliability, compliance and a unique pocket design not found in existing neurosurgical absorbable materials. The tapered shape conforms easily to the surgical site while contouring to most tapered-style silicon brain spatulas. This unique design allows for protected, gentle tissue retraction near critical structures.
The 0.35mm tissue-compatible rayon material is extremely pliable and offers optimal visibility with a very high absorption rate.
X-ray detectable and ideal for use under a microscope.
Available in 5 different sizes.

OMT Medical provides silicon brain spatulas, pocket patties at the best price.
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